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Elvis Style: from zoot suits to jumpsuits



It was not only his voice or movements which made Elvis very popular, but also the way he expressed himself by using his clothes, cars and jewellery. These things made him to the man he was.

There are many books about Elvis his life, but lesser books about his style. We came across the book by Zoey Goto, author of: “Elvis Style: from zoot suits to jumpsuits”.Elvis clothes - suit

The name of the book says it already: it focusses on the style which Elvis had. From hairstyles, clothing and cars, to his unique home interiors. It gives you a deeper look into the background behind Elvis and his unqiue style.

Zoey Goto did speak with a number of design experts about Elvis, his design choices and influences. These include Patricia Fields (stylist from Sex & the City), costume designer Mark Bridges, Elvis’ personal car-customizer George Barris, and Hal Lansky who has written the foreword for the Elvis Style book.

With much bright and sharp pictures included as examples, Zoey Goto made the book suitable for everyone and makes it an interesting read.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” is a quote by Yves Saint Laurent which applies well to the style which Elvis had.

We surely recommended this book to all the Elvis fans out there, but also to people who love fashion! Can’t wait to read Elvis Style: from zoot suits to jumpsuits? It’s available on Amazon.

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Author Biography

Zoey Goto is a fashion and design journalist, writing for many of the leading international magazines including GQ, GQ Style, NME, Elle and Numero. Assignments have included interviewing the actor Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Sherlock, visiting the world's most expensive tailoring house in Naples and reporting from the front row of London Fashion Week. For over a decade, Elvis Style has been a work in progress, as the author embarked on research trips taking her from an imitation of Graceland in the suburbs of Denmark, to The Deep South where she met Elvis’ tailor, had lunch with Elvis’ neighbour Al Green, and slept in Elvis' teenage bedroom.

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