A Wonderful Dream of a Legend

A wonderful dream of a legend by Christie

"Diann Alexis Malone is an investigator and is the best around. Her long life dream is to meet this wonderful man Elvis Presley in person. She only met him in her dreams. Diann wondered about his death, so she investigated his death for a long while. She did have other cases to investigate as well. While in other crime investigations she would fall into deep dreams about Elvis, and she would be in her peaceful place. Diann has her own opinions about what she thinks about why he would have faked his own death. The last dream she has about Elvis is the most unforgettable dream ever. It’s a wonderful dream talking with Elvis. Diann finds out about the the King of Rock Roll himself. Like what makes him happy or sad. She talks one on one with him. To just get to know the Elvis Presley we all love and admire. Diann finds a very good looking man even if he’s almost 80 years old....... :)"

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Author: Christie Malone


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