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Unseen Video | Elvis passes through Fort Worth January 11, 1958

Below, view a previously unseen video of Elvis Presley as he passes through Fort Worth TX on January 11, 1958. From KXAS-NBC 5 News Collection and was provided to UNT Digital Library by the UNT Libraries Special Collections.

Screaming Teen-age Girls Greet Elvis in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, Jan. 11 - Elvis Presley, looking like a linebacker trying to size up the offensive team's next move, peered out of a train window here today at a horde of screaming teen-age girls.

'That's pretty rough before breakfast', the Army-bound singer grinned and told newsmen.

Elvis' train had an hour lay-over. About 50 girls were clawing at the trainside. The crowd even included a grandmother, 69, an avowed Presley fan.

Presley, attired in a blue tux jacket and black pants, which he will soon trade for Army khaki, was wearing black loafers. 'I quit wearing blue suede shoes when the song went out'.

Presley is on his way to Hollywood from Memphis to make that last movie before he's drafted.

The boy who made a million dollars last year and was expected to top that this year before the Army came along, propped up his feet--displaying a hole in an expensive sock.

'The Army's not all that bad. I'm just thankful they didn't take me last year when I was getting established. I'm not asking for any special favors'.

He's wearing his sideburns shorter.

'Yeah, they were getting down to my jawbones. No, I don't mind the Army cutting them off. They'll grow back', he said.

The hip grinder, 23, said he now has five cars, three motorcycles and a midget auto racer. 'I use that last one to run around in the yard with, and scare the chickens'.

Presley, always polite, was gracious to his fans.

As shrieks rang around him, he signed all autographs and even gave cheek kisses to a couple of girls.

Said one: 'I just asked him when I got up close if he was a good kisser, and he kissed me. I've got to leave. I need a doctor'.

Presley Sideburns Already Removed

By James Bacon
Abilene Reporter-News - Wednesday, February 12, 1958

HOLLYWOOD (UP) -- That Army barber who yearned to scalp Elvis Presley's sideburns won't get the chance.

The rock 'n' roll singer is sporting a normal haircut for his current and last pre-induction movie -- 'King Creole'. And it makes him look quite handsome.

Producer Hal Wallis, who got an eight-week deferment from Elvis' draft board, finally let a reporter on the set talk with Elvis. He said he didn't cut his sideburns off because of impending army duty.

'I've worn long sideburns in all my other movies', he explained, 'so I figured I'd be a little different in 'King Creole'.

Elvis finishes the picture March 14, takes a train for his home town of Memphis and expects to be at Ft. Chaffee, Ark., by March 22.

'I'm looking forward, to going into the Army', he said. 'I think it will be a great experience for me'.

He said he is not the least bit apprehensive about going in.

'It doesn't bother me one bit but it's bothering some of the people employed by me'.

Does he think that some tough sergeants may give him a bad time because of his fame?

'Well, if they do it won't be because of anything I do to provoke it. I'm going in to be a soldier and the Army can do anything it wants with me and send me any place'.

Is he looking for a job in special service entertaining the troops?

'No sir', he answered. 'I'm not going in on one of those six-month deals. I'm in for my two years'.

He did say that he would utilize furlough time to cut records to keep his name alive. Presley has sold 20 records that have each hit over a million sales.

Does he have a favorite singer?

'Well, I never have answered that question but since I'm going in the Army, I'll tell you'.

His choice, believe it or not, is his greatest rival for the bobby-sox trade-Pat Boone.

'He has a fine voice and is probably the most versatile singer in the business. He's about as good as they come and I'm not picking him out of friendship because I don't know Pat'.

Then he added with a smile: 'Besides, I heard the first sergeant at Ft. Chaffee is president of the Pat Boone Fan Club there'.

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